50MILES1MONTH CHALLENGE finisher's package MARCH


“Thank you for a fabulous kick up the butt! I ended my month on 103 miles, faster, more confident and stronger.” TAMMY H

Special for MARCH: Free eBibs Visual Training Log <---- click to learn more about it

Every month we begin a new 50Miles1Month Challenge Series, giving you a regular opportunity to reward yourself for hitting your mileage goal. You can begin the challenge at any point in the month—but the later you begin, the more challenging the challenge will be!

Don't forget to log your miles on ILTR Platform

The training log ships immediately. 


The Medal size is 3.5" x 2" Sign up to run/walk/crawl 50 miles in one month!

The finisher's medal will be shipped out to you by the 25th of month following your challenge. Example: if you participate in September's challenge, your finisher's medal will by shipped out on or about October 25th. 

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