80sRUN challenge finisher's medal


Grab your Walkman, turn up the treble and get ready to celebrate pop’s golden era with our  #80sRun challenge - dedicated to runners who miss parachute pants, neon bracelets and high-top sneakers! 

Don't Stop Believing and run/walk 80+ miles for the month of February. Begin the challenge at any point in the month—but the later you begin, the more challenging the challenge will be!

Get down to some Aerosmith and Bon Jovi and glide through the miles like you're shredding on an axe guitar.

Don't forget to log your miles on ILTR Platform

These hefty finisher medals, real-size audio cassette, ship out March 1st... or sooner (email us!). Limited quantity, ONLY 100 available.... so tell your friends and don't miss out! 


The #80sRun Medal size is 3.96" x 2.5". 

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