Add your face to our eBib gallery! Send us a photo and our artists will transform it into a full-color, high-resolution caricature, delivered digitally straight to your in-box. Just email your photo(s) and your order number to: and we'll do the rest!

(Note: This price is for a single caricature; please multiply for photos including more than one person. Before sending your photo, please click "DETAILS" for specs and other important info.)

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PHOTO REFERENCE: We will do a caricature of anyone you commission us to. All we need is a decent picture of the subject. The quality of the photo reference makes a great deal of difference in how well the final art turns out. Photos that do not show the face clearly, are too small, too blurry, show them at an age or with an expression or look that is not what you want the drawing of them to depict (like with an old hairstyle, with glasses they no longer wear, etc) will prevent us from being able to capture them properly in caricature. We can use several pictures that show us different elements you want to combine to create the subject as you want them to look in the drawing, but we are at the mercy of the photos we are given. Pictures that are recent, of good quality, and preferable show me expressions you consider to be indicative of the subject work best. Multiple angles of the face are also very helpful. 

  • Digital delivery in your e-mail (printable, high resolution 300DPI).
  • Quick turnaround, usually 7 days or less (let us know if you need it sooner).
  • The size is usually 12 x 18 inches
  • GREAT resemblance to the photos you provide.
  • You'll be part of our eBib caricatures forever! 

Email your photo(s) and your order number to

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