One thing about runners... they will go to sleep on you        When they're tired  THEY'RE MF TIRED
THE FOUR STAGES OF LIFE 1. Birth 2. What the fuck is this  3. Thank God for running 4. Death
I don't run through injury – that would  be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the  injury exists. That's tooootally different
She likes surprises. Not the finger in  the ass without permission kind, but  running shoes are always nice
I don't mean to complain but I just  really feel like I should be a Hoka sponsored runner by now.
I act like I'm okay but deep down  inside I wanna be sponsored by nike
my posts are not directed to  anybody but if the shoe fits you  wear it cinderella!
Me tapping into the power of  manifestation:  "I will get the PR and dick I deserve   I will get the PR and dick I deserve  I will get the PR and dick I deserve  I will get the PR and dick I deserve"
Shutout to the guy who shouted that  I was "f*cking flying" while doing  my hill session this morning.        This is the sort of positivity  we all need looooool
why the people I vibe with gotta live so far.
Shit can hurt but we keep it gangsta
Slow runners with confidence have  the best personalities
Triathlon tip:  Be born into immense  wealth
Pro tip: Believe in yourself, BITCH
I only add coworkers I've seen on strava  or garmin connect Lol
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