Stop trying to be 'runfluencers'. We need ELECTRICIANS.
Today I learned that the average runner spends $1,370 per year...  Always knew I was above average
The 3 ppl that be liking my story no  matter what I post are going on my will
You're doing the best you can.... Which is f*cking embarrassing.
I've come to a point in my life where  i need a stronger word than f*ck
Do crackheads say "I can't get high  today because I'm lazy?" No, they go  make it happen !! Don't be outhustled
Reply with a GIF of how  your last run went
Things i struggle with as a runner:   1. running lol
She's a 10 but she gets EXTREMELY irritable and hostile when she misses  her daily run.  She is me.
Me waiting to see results after a double run, a salad binge, and staying dry for three days
At this point, I feel like being tired is  just my personality
Ok QUESTION of the day: when leaving the house.... does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?
To the 12 people always liking  my posts, y'all want anything from  the gas station?
Me: wow this recovery run really  makes me appreciate the easy days  My mind: destroy him  Me: but–  My mind: I said f*cking destroy him
WARNING: I'm exercising, eating right  and watching my alcohol intake. Which  means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm  sore. So proceed with caution
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