I had such a bad run today.....I need your oral support. I mean moral support. No I don't
Waiter:  careful the food is hot  The food:
Moms who run 26.2 miles just for fun  should be feared by everyone
Reasons I do my long runs with a group 1. Friendship  2. Accountability 3. So I can bag a MILF
Shout out to all runners who will never qualify for Boston, we basic af but  we cute
Controlling your emotions during taper week is an extreme sport
Yeah, there's a 8 year old ahead of me but he doesn't get beer after the race
You might have more talent than me,  you might be smarter than me, you  might be sexier than me... But if we  get on the treadmill together,  there's two things: You're  getting off first, or I'm going  to die. It's really that simple....
David Goggins:  Stay hard mf !! #ebibsafterdark fan:  You don't know  me son
I've gotta go for a run or I'm gonna  loose my shit
I was talking to a beginner runner and she said to me "I can't wait till I'm  strong enough to get through a  hill workout without feeling  like I'm gonna die"  And I was like.... oh Oh, honey..
My two moods: 1. runners high 2. i’ll cut you
26.2 –3:12:13  BQx4...My superpower?? I do that lil GRIP thing        so be  careful with me
ULTRARUNNING When you need a little more "Fcck this shit" in your life
Women can always tell when you look at our boobs. It doesn't matter how  quickly you glance. One second is like  five seconds in boob time.
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