Dear "endurance" boys... if you having  sex & she wide awake after, idk what  you thought you did but you didn't
I'm a homebody but DAMN... I did like going one or two places
Today I had 1200 mg of caffeine, ran a virtual half on the treadmill, ate literally  80 pizza rolls, and did a facemask. The line between self care and self  destruction is a fine one but  god do I walk it hard brother
If you don't come out from this  quarantine with:  • a new skill  • your side hustle started • more knowledge  You never lacked time,  you lacked discipline
Good morning inmates
*Quarantine Day 22* Self-care: "Don't be afraid to make  yourself a priority"  Me: I think I broke my clit
We gon' be alright
Roses are red April is grey, I hope we can all run outside in May
Turns out my 3 hobbies are: 1. Events with 30,000 people or more 2. Non-essential businesses 3. Touching my face
*Quarantine Day 22* Stop making vibrators so loud! My room sounding like a barbershop!
Remember when Pandemic was a  Netflix series and not a Virtual Race  Series
When you eat sleep breathe running  and the buttons on your jeans have  started social distancing from  each other
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