I think the funniest thing of 2020 is  when I thought quarantine would last  2 weeks
Imagine you get murdered while out for  a run and some girl skips your episode of forensic files because it's boring
The fact that I have zero memory of  very large chunks of my race is scary lmao
"I have a dull pain around my kneecap"     WebMD: and it'll be your last
do u ever just wake up in the morning and ur like no
Me:  I want new running shoes Me:  anything for you princess
Who else took a 'Before' picture in the gym and still doesn't have an 'After' LOL
I may be a slow runner but I used to  be slower
do runners ever sit back and think "maybe i'm running too much"
How I look going out with the lead  runner at the start
Any running group has these:  1. the loud one 2. the really funny one 3. weirdo who has to be supervised  4. the one that gets bullied 5. and a real fast one
PRO TIP: Running faster than anyone else can  help you win a race.
Normalize hill repeats on 0 to 1% grade
I hope all 6 of the people I like in the world had a great day today
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