Top Seven Things About the Weekend: 1. I  2. Have  3. My 4. Long 5. Run 6. F*ck 7. Off
Anyone ever:  It's getting hot in here My brain:              .....so take off all your clothes  ME:  wtf why??  still? what year is it????
Me: wow this recovery run really  makes me appreciate the easy days My mind: destroy him  Me: but– My mind: I said f*cking destroy him
What feels illegal, but it isn't? Walking out of a running store without buying anything
I am officially off the market. I'm not in a relationship. I'm just tired of y'all and I signed up for  an ironman lmao
Science:  The human body needs  8 hours of sleep to function properly  Me on 3 hours of sleep:  We run at dawn b!tches!
Runners are so powerful... they'll take a smiling selfie for the gram even when they're actually laying in bed like
Him:  why's a pretty girl like you  still single Me:  i'm an ironman
Are you even "in training" if you aren't always sore as f*ck
I deserve pancakes and sex this  morning but the way my life set up imma have to settle for 7 miles and foam-rolling session
Getting back in shape after a loooong  workout hiatus is one of the best feelings. Feels like a bad b!tch has been rebirthed
We all cope in different ways.  I like running and being awesome.
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