Her: "stop babe I didn't shave"  Him **a trail runner** : "the wilderness must be explored!"
You can play Goggins and #stayhard as long as you want but if your dick isn't longer than your balls when it's soft,  lower your motherfccking voice  when you speak to me
Shoutout to everyone who got through  the day without taking a nap...  Pulled an all-dayer today.  Pretty rough
Don't take me wrong i absolutely love  running... but I love myself even more.  Most mornings, definitely  in the  weekends
I looove wearing sunglasses. Am I looking at your face??  Am I looking at you butt?  No one knows.
Liquor is better than weed cause  I ian't never bought a  bottle of bullshit
It is track and suck on some sweet  pu     y Thursday
Thick thighs will turn shorts into  panties
Them: "Are you as wild as the  shit you post?" Me: ...stick around and  find out
My body asked for a rest day and I  went for a 5 mile run because nobody tells me what to do
Porn gives young runners an unrealistic  and unhealthy idea of how quickly a  plumber will come to your house.  They ain't the GOAT       baby
I love fast drivers, like yes kill us pls
DONE with cougars!! Rest day and  this bitch had me up at 7:30am peeling  potatoes
If you are reading this........ you're not  running.... So please stop scrolling and fix your fucking posture you  look like a croissant
Do you know 14 muscles are activated when opening a bottle of wine? Fitness is my passion
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