That "See you tomorrow morning"  turned into "See you in June"
I'm worried a lot of us won't be able to wake up for the 4am early morning runs when this is over
Livin' la Vida Rona
When we go back to group runs are  we going to have to reintroduce  ourselves to each other?
THE ROAD. It's a good listener
NETFLIX: Are you still there ME: yeah mf till April 30th
I just went outside and lemme just say, THAT RUN HIT DIFFERENT WHEN IT'S ILLEGAL
I don't know who needs to hear this...  but you don't gain anything from stressing. Remember that
I am fed up of masturbating can we  PLEASE wrap this shit up
Imagine surviving all that unprotected sex only to die from an unprotected  handshake
me two weeks ago: "Holy shit, Boston Marathon is canceled"  me now: "Holy shit, I'm unemployed"
Can y'all just stay inside?  I got shit to do in June
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