When you're about to pull out but you look at her face and she looks like a good mother runner
Drop a problem and let a stranger  give you advice
In case no one told you today... you're slow af and your marathon PR aint shit   ~ The Goat
Does anyone remember that time when  your body just worked? Like just on its  own? No pills, no scheduled exercise,  no caffeine, no planned hydration,  no stretching, no specific diet  you just woke up and boom,  that shit was good to go...
Congrats on your BQ today. Now be her  peace you already can't make her cum
You know you're a runner when...  You have this inability to admit that you should probably see a doctor when your [knee/ankle/calf/shin] hurts you
Yes, PornHub. I know there are lonely  sluts in my area. I own  a goddamn mirror Should I run in group?
Unless you are standing at mile 26 or  26.1 please do not hold a sign saying "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE"
That morning run hits a lil better when your life a little fucked up
Happy Father's Day!  Dads sporting the 26.2HUB shirt....  should be feared
Good morning train wrecks!  I blocked all the #ebibsaferdark  haters yesterday  Y'all need coffee or what?   ~Chaos Coordinator
So if I go running in the morning just  to burn enough calories to make up  for my drinking at night,  does that make me a  runner or an alcoholic?
"You're still a rockstar." I whisper to myself as I take an Ibuprofen and climb into bed at 8:00pm
The hardest part of training for a new  race is pretending that I'm still in shape  the first 30-45 days
It's been a long day. I need a hug that turns into 3 orgasms and a boozy  recovery drink
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