Livin' la Vida Rona
When we go back to group runs are  we going to have to reintroduce  ourselves to each other?
THE ROAD. It's a good listener
NETFLIX: Are you still there ME: yeah mf till April 30th
I just went outside and lemme just say, THAT RUN HIT DIFFERENT WHEN IT'S ILLEGAL
I don't know who needs to hear this...  but you don't gain anything from stressing. Remember that
I am fed up of masturbating can we  PLEASE wrap this shit up
Imagine surviving all that unprotected sex only to die from an unprotected  handshake
me two weeks ago: "Holy shit, Boston Marathon is canceled"  me now: "Holy shit, I'm unemployed"
Can y'all just stay inside?  I got shit to do in June
Home treadmill in 2019: frowned upon Home treadmill in 2020: encouraged
Email notification: "Be on the lookout, your running gear arrives Thursday"   Me: WHEN IS THAT
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