To that friend who has never been  tired of listening to my problems.  Thank you. I owe you a lot.
You know you're a runner when you categorize your friends as "Running friends" and "The Others"
WARNING  I'm exercising, eating right and  watching my alcohol intake. Which  means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm  sore. So proceed with caution
“I’m dying is this over with yet….OOH PHOTOGRAPHER!!!”
The most awkward thing about running with friends is figuring out which person  is going to be the fast runner who is taking it easy for the day, and which person is the slowpoke who is  running much faster than  usual but pretending  t...
That one word you use 500 times during a run
In case no one told you today... you're slow AF and your marathon PR aint shit
I'm really sick and tired of food having calories
I saw a girl on the trail today.     No iPhone. No earbuds. No smart watch.  No hydration. She just ran.    Like a total psycho.
If you skip a run because it's too cold, you're a lil bitch.    – Old Chinese Saying
Get ready for a pounding. Some of us  could see 8 inches or more. That's too  much --- even for me.
You know it's cold outside when  you trip over dog poop instead of  stepping in it
SEVERE COLD WEATHER WARNING  **people are being told to stay inside unless going out is completely  necessary  **runners are being told  to wear a hat
Nothing hurts quite like the first track Tuesday workout after the holidays
Never thought I'd be the type of person to get up and workout in the early AM  and I was right
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