She likes surprises. Not the finger in  the ass without permission kind, but running shoes are always nice
PRO TIP. Never apologize for spending too much on running gear...Just sleep naked and let them decide if  they are still mad or not
F*ck your star sign, I want to know if you're choosing the Half, Full or Ultra
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
I hate when runners who are really fast come to group runs and start pushing  the pace... Go run in the Olympics  bitch we trying to have fun
Thanks to running I have no titties BUT MY ASS                         flat too good night
Worst response to I ran a marathon
i blocked all the stupid runners so if u can see this take it as a compliment
If dad bods can be okay, can we lower  the standards for females? Shit I like  beer and food too
Lord I'm not rushing you for my BQ...  I'm just asking for tracking #
After dick it's bed time. If she on her phone... you did bad #stayhard mfs
You never forget your first marathon... you'll never forget the grip.
Don't let anyone bullshit you, running  a marathon is fucking hard
Good morning to all running girls whose thighs rub together
Lack of sex turns you into a marathoner
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