Shoutout to everyone who got through  the day without taking a nap...  Pulled an all-dayer today.  Pretty rough
Don't take me wrong i absolutely love  running... but I love myself even more.  Most mornings, definitely  in the  weekends
I looove wearing sunglasses. Am I looking at your face??  Am I looking at you butt?  No one knows.
Liquor is better than weed cause  I ian't never bought a  bottle of bullshit
It is track and suck on some sweet  pu     y Thursday
Thick thighs will turn shorts into  panties
Them: "Are you as wild as the  shit you post?" Me: ...stick around and  find out
My body asked for a rest day and I  went for a 5 mile run because nobody tells me what to do
Porn gives young runners an unrealistic  and unhealthy idea of how quickly a  plumber will come to your house.  They ain't the GOAT       baby
I love fast drivers, like yes kill us pls
DONE with cougars!! Rest day and  this bitch had me up at 7:30am peeling  potatoes
If you are reading this........ you're not  running.... So please stop scrolling and fix your fucking posture you  look like a croissant
Do you know 14 muscles are activated when opening a bottle of wine? Fitness is my passion
WARNING: I'm exercising, eating right  and watching my alcohol intake. Which means I'm sober I'm cranky and I'm sore So proceed with caution
Why do professional athletes think i  should care about what they think? If i wanted advice from someone who  chases a ball, I'd ask my dog.
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