Here's a running meme that won't  offend anyone
The best thing you can do is  to make someone smile.  Or go down on them.
FACT: as soon as you put a race on the  calendar your 'healed' running injury  starts acting stupid
Lunch rain storm bonus...  just means I actually showered before going back to work!
Them: #ebibsafterdark are a bad idea Me: but I like bad ideas
Is your phone full of hundreds of  photos of sunsets and sunrises or are  you normal?
I'm no expert, but I'm almost  positive I can fuck the runner blues  out of someone
I skipped my workout today.... Sometimes all you need is a glass of  wine and a fantastic fuck
Sorry for all the sex posts.... I don't  know what's gotten into me lately...  Not a dick, obviously
There is no "right time to go for a run", there is just time & what you choose to do with it
No one:  Me: When WOD meets WAP
Everybody wants a running girl util  they get a running girl
Surgeons: Tiger Woods' return to elite  golfing will be "very challenging" Runners everywhere: Just ice it bro  you'll be fine
If you're having a bad day........ just  remember there are females out there who are gonna take a small dick tonight  and act like they love it cause it's their man
Do running girls look at dudes and think "imma smash that"
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