Gas cheapest it's been in 30 years, can't drive. Flights dirt cheap, can't fly. We are stuck in a f*cking Alanis Morissette song doing the #PushUpChallenge
Good morning! Don't forget to log your miles, mind your own business  and wash your damn hands!
Sorry for all the sex posts.....I don't know what's gotten into me lately...  Not a dick, obviously  #saferathome
I can't wait to hear people yelling "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE" again
Before my run      VS      After my run
"I used to think my life was  a tragedy..."
"Empty spaces, what are we living for? Abandoned places, I guess we  know the score, on and on Does anybody know what  we are looking for?" *THE SHOW MUST  GO ON*
{RUNNING} will break your heart, snatch your pride and leave you begging for your  ever-lovin' life. But if you're willing to tread through proverbial shit, it will heal  whatever it is you're  ready to heal
Non-runners before coronavirus:   "RUN, FORREST, RUN"   Non-runners now:
*Public Service Announcement* Every few days try ur jeans on just to make sure they still fit. Pajamas will  have u believe all is well  in the kingdom
Him:  no bae ur the only one I talk to His DMs:
Sometimes we don't run to win races or to go places. Sometimes, we run to escape, to find peace and be free
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