Yes, I run.  I run a million miles away from my responsibilities
I took the road less traveled… Now I don’t know where in the hell I am
The first 26 miles of the marathon are always the hardest
Two incomes are better than one, make sure your partner has two jobs
Runners after the worst day they have ever experienced
What a fucking privilege to wake up  and be able to choose how many miles  I'm going to run today
Stop trying to be 'runfluencers'. We need ELECTRICIANS.
Today I learned that the average runner spends $1,370 per year...  Always knew I was above average
The 3 ppl that be liking my story no  matter what I post are going on my will
You're doing the best you can.... Which is f*cking embarrassing.
I've come to a point in my life where  i need a stronger word than f*ck
Do crackheads say "I can't get high  today because I'm lazy?" No, they go  make it happen !! Don't be outhustled
Reply with a GIF of how  your last run went
Things i struggle with as a runner:   1. running lol
She's a 10 but she gets EXTREMELY irritable and hostile when she misses  her daily run.  She is me.
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