3 Cupcakes equal 534 Cal or 5 miles... I could give up cupcakes, but I'm not  a quitter
Was gonna upload a selfie from  today's run but it's raining and I don't want y'all getting wet twice
Normalize no BQ Virtual Boston Marathon. It's self care
GPS Watch: Connected  Me: then fccking act like it
Running ultras is one thing.... but bitch you a throat goat too
Me seeing a personal trainer who needs a personal trainer
I paused my Garmin to text you back  don't ever question my loyalty
When your friends suggest that you  could just skip the workout...  "You think this is a game?"
Friends that listen to your same  problems without getting fed up  hearing it 100 times are  the TRUE friends
I was going through shit by myself with a mf next to me
I hate when people ask me what I'm  doing over the weekend because  "running 10-20 miles" makes me  sound boring AND cocky  at the same time.
Why do I run: 1. burn off the crazy  2. 'cause I like to eat (a lot!)  3. MILFS
You have to give marathoners credit... There is no one else that runs  40 plus miles a week yet  still gain weight
"Pick it up" "I picked it up last time" "It was your idea to crew" "Fuck off"
Maybe if I sign up for a race and start a  new training program I'll be happy  Nope that wasn't it
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