Life Hack: Running helps you deal with annoying  family members during the holidays
Different day, same shit.
If you think I'm an asshole now you  should have met me before I started running        #progress
50% your best running friend  50% fuck off
Let's normalize not making orgasm  moans while stretching
Doesn't matter how cold it gets,  there will always be that one runner
He's soooo fast! I just wanna handcuff  him and suck his dick until he cries and his legs stop working
Look, I know you are tired. I am too but  keep going. We got shit to do in 2022
Remember, your current running pace  is someone else's goal pace. Be kind  to yourself
sometimes during sex I get jealous  of how many calories my husband is  burning
I legit only drink gatorade, coffee or  alcohol. I'm either hydrated, drunk or jittery as hell!
Who normalized having sex at night?! I started my day with a killer workout  and now at my bedtime you're saying  "ok now physical activity"  ummm.... No
Your legs can reach upon somebody's son shoulders but when it's time to  pick up the pace you complain
A true running friend waits for you when you need to take a dump mid-run
"Why do you run every day?" Me: So I'm less of an asshole
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