Unless you are standing at mile 26 or  26.1 please do not hold a sign saying "YOU'RE ALMOST THERE"
That morning run hits a lil better when your life a little fucked up
Happy Father's Day!  Dads sporting the 26.2HUB shirt....  should be feared
Good morning train wrecks!  I blocked all the #ebibsaferdark  haters yesterday  Y'all need coffee or what?   ~Chaos Coordinator
So if I go running in the morning just  to burn enough calories to make up  for my drinking at night,  does that make me a  runner or an alcoholic?
"You're still a rockstar." I whisper to myself as I take an Ibuprofen and climb into bed at 8:00pm
The hardest part of training for a new  race is pretending that I'm still in shape  the first 30-45 days
It's been a long day. I need a hug that turns into 3 orgasms and a boozy  recovery drink
If you don't go for a run, how do you  know when to take a shower?
I wish everything was as easy as  getting fat
I nut too quick for a threesome one of  y'all ain't getting a turn
She likes surprises. Not the finger in  the ass without permission kind, but running shoes are always nice
Yeah i had sex with a goat
Triathletes be looking so good         than BOOM dick size of an AppleTV remote
Ultramarathon (noun.) An event in which people run around for a whole day, often on a trail, searching for food tents.
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