You officially become a runner when  you have more medals than close  friends
Tag the person you have the best  running memories with
Does anyone actually know what  you're supposed to do when people are yelling "You're almost there" at mile 5 in a marathon?
Dear running friend, Thank you for listening  to my bullshit.
Aging is not a disease. It's an opportunity.... to qualify for Boston
You have to give marathoners credit... There is no one else that runs 40+ miles  a week yet still gain weight
Runner girl problems... Going to the running store to pick up one GU  and coming back with two new outfits and shoes
The challenge I'm doing this month is called October and it's where I  just try to get through every  day of October
Happy Indigenous People's Day today and everyday
A blue whale's anus can stretch to  approximately 3 and a 1/2 feet, making it the second largest asshole on the  planet, just behind the bikers on the  running path
Check on your friends.  Check on your quiet friend. Check on your loud friend. Check on your always ok friend. Check on your not always ok friend.  Check on your sick friend. Check on your healthy friend. Check on your running friend....
You may be in her DMs but I was her  look out while she shit in a hole. We are not the same.
Fuck it. Just start quoting running  cliches in the comments
Is there really such a thing as a "Fun Run"? Asking for myself again
The 3 stages of running a marathon:  1. Start 2. You gotta be fucking kidding me 3. Finish
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