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Tested positive for running too much
She believed she could. But it's "shelter-in-place" so she didn't
This is a pink foam roller. No politics no coronavirus. Just a foam roller.  A pink foam roller.
I'm excited that the phrase "Get the f*ck away from me" in no longer rude  but a public service announcement
Me to my sparkling new Nike Alphafly:  "soon my children.... soon"
Me whenever the sky looks beautiful
Never knew I could miss overpriced race series this much
If you can think you can just  win me over by leaving some  running shoes and a puppy  on my doorstep.. you're damn right
Nine months from now I better not see               KO'RONA VYRESS                        6lbs 4oz
If you haven't run an indoor marathon yet clap your hands
We wanted them 6ft not 6 feet away
That "See you tomorrow morning"  turned into "See you in June"
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