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If you see me running more than usual that means I have a lot of stuff I need to be doing and I'm trying  to avoid doing it
Happy International Women's Day!   Where there is a woman there is a PB improved running form maybe a PR
I just wanna have unprotected  air again. I wanna raw dawg every  breath I take
Sundays are for long runs, true crime  & masturbation
Running is the most underrated form  of therapy
*wakes up* (the day after a hilly race) Ah that muscle soreness probably ain't too bad I can still.... *starts moving a little* I'VE BEEN HIT BY A TRUCK
yeah sex is cool and all, but have you  ever dreamt of getting into Boston with  only a 5k Color Run under your belt???
There should be a championship where athletes can take as many drugs as they want. Like fuck it, let's see how fast humans can really run
No one: Literally no one:  Me: #stayhard for what?
Here is your liquor store run reminder
You have to give marathoners credit... There is no one else that runs 40 plus miles a week yet still gain weight
My prayers have been answered.. I can  run Boston without a BQ...Let's do anal!!
What's it like running an ultra? Have you ever had a migraine and an erection at the same time?
Science: The human body needs 7 to  8 hours of sleep to function properly  Me on 3 hours of sleep: We run at dawn bitches!!
Go for a run.....Unfuck yourself! Be who  you were before all that stuff happened  that dimmed your fucking shine
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