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If you haven't been able to run outside because of the lockdown, God will  bless you financially
IT HURTS when you do so much for someone special and in the end you get "...the race is now canceled"
Dear liver, This 'working from home' will be rough, stay strong
For those signed up to run your first  100 miler now cancelled.. God is  giving you a second chance  to think about it
Shoutout to the people who smile at  you when you run past them instead of giving you a dirty-ugly look
Tomorrow isn't promised, runner or not... get your cheeks clapped today
Shouts out to all the runners trying to deal with their own shit on top  of all this other shit
Do you ever type bare laughing emojis then remove a couple cos it wasn't  that funny
I'm gonna be real pissed if I score a  Boston qualifying time in a virtual marathon and I won't be  allowed to use it
I went for a run 4 times, I ate 22 times took 7 naps and it's still today
What the f*ck should I wear  to the living room today
Remember last year when the worst thing was tapering for your race
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