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NOTHING irritates a masked walker  like an unmasked runner
My doctor told me I'm low on vitamin  "D"... So I need more D... I definitely need more D
What you call morning wood, I call  breakfast in bed
Y'all complain about everything being closed. Now you're complaining about wearing masks inside places that  are open. You know what?!?  Drink the damn disinfectant.
If you have a man and my posts make you laugh or smile more than he  does, you're my girlfriend now  and I don't want you f*cking  talk to his bitch ass
Remember, your current running pace  is someone else's goal pace. Be kind to yourself
*early morning run routine*  Drink some coffee, get the mask, put on some gangster rap and handle it
I need to social distance myself from  my fridge so I can flatten my curve
Nobody supports you like a social media running friend that you never met
Was gonna upload a selfie but it's  raining and I didn't want y'all getting wet twice
You know they didn't make arrests  because they saw the video, they made the arrests because we saw the video.  Remember that.  #irunwithmaud
I had a bad run today and I need your  oral support. I mean moral support. No I don't.
Runners put more thought into the  medal before signing up for a race than the race organizers did. The bling  speaks volume
He says he wants a girl with personality  but gets mad when I give him several?!  Lol ok ungrateful
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