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If running can't fix it, you haven't run enough
coach be like hey I noticed you've been having a hard time recently. I'm bout to make it worse
Thanks for being my go-to running  friend to discuss the annoying-as-fuck tendencies of practically everyone
My friends are all "Fall... pumpkin lattes, Uggs, sweaters"... And I'm over  here... "Fall... cooler runs.. Duh!"
My toxic trait is that I set up a budget for running and then proceed to go over that budget by an offensive amount
"I'm just gonna stretch when I get  home." Is one of the worst decisions  you make as a runner
I will tempt fate with my gas tank but start freaking out when my watch  battery gets bellow 65%
One of my 4 nephews just brought me wine and said, "Here's your recovery  juice", and now he's the one  I'm leaving everything to
me: i'll stop at 6 miles: 6.08 me: whoa, looks like i gotta run 7
7.8 billion people in the world and  you woke up to no kudos
Everyone hates runners until it's time to convert miles to km
Looked at my stats from garmin  connect and closed my laptop.  I just want peace today
"Your race looked awesome." "It was hell." "Oh. I only saw the Instagram version."
"Dude, I thought you were racing today" "I am, I'm doing an ultra"
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