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Nobody supports you like a social media running friend that you never met
My co-workers adding me on social  media: "ok so she's f*cking weird on  the internet too"
We all know that one runner that keeps getting faster and FASTER... it's me,  I'm that runner
Ultrarunners be like... "Feeling good might DNF later"
That mini heart attack you get when  you can't feel your car keys in your  pocket
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
I find myself drawn to people who are funny, intelligent, and twisted.  Bonus points for working  some sexual innuendos  into the conversation
*gym workout* One thing about me is I stare back... f*ck is you looking at
we ain't gotta argue baby,  let's run it out
1 grader: I'm short but my dad is high teacher: it's tall, not high  the dad:
California runner in 40F:  “it's so fuuuuucking cold" Canadian runner in 16F:  “Bitch please... I’m still  in shorts, eh”
Does anyone remember that time when  ur body just worked? Like, just on its  own? No pills, no scheduled exercise,  no caffeine, no planned hydration,  no stretching, no specific  diet –you just woke up  and boom, that sh!t  was good to...
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