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ZERO miles this Saturday morning. Sometimes all you need is  a fantastic f*ck
*IT band sore af*  Stretching: Rest: Ice: Motrin:  KT tape: i got you babe
Ultramarathon basics • left foot • right foot • left foot • right foot Repeat for 3 to 72 hrs
I deleted all the perfect runners yesterday.  Good morning train wrecks!  Y'all need coffee or what?   –Chaos Coordinator
One thing I know... them morning miles work
So you ran 17 marathons but anal is  too painful?   Grow up
My morning run makes me feel like  I've got life figured out.  I don't.  But it feels that way
Doc: I recommend six to eight  weeks  of rest and rehab My inner-voice: "double down on Motrin  and buy an extra knee brace"
Smile when you pass runners who went out too hard!!!
Name something more upsetting  than the AirPods' low-battery warning 5 min into your long run, I'll wait
Taper is just me asking myself "am I injured?" and my mind being like "maybe ;)"
My race results aren't that bad for  someone who has the urge to DNF every 5 minutes
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