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Race director: "Paramedics are on call  for any injury, but the reception’s been spotty. It's best to get hurt between  mile 6 and 13"
Here's the thing... REAL runners don't post every single mile on Instagram.  That's how everyone knows you're a rookie.
Emilou: “Fear. That's why people run  a marathon. Fear of being fat, fear of dying, disease... In my opinion,  it takes more courage NOT  to run a marathon.”
Is he actually hot or does he just  run fast?
Long runs are a great way to justify  binge eating after long runs
I was taking a walk break and someone saw me
"You're so chill"..... thanks I gave up
*driving home from Beer Mile* The officer said "You drinking?" I said "You buying" We just laughed and laughed. I need bail money ASAP...
Even if you are fully vaccinated,  the CDC recommends to go for a run
Shareef: “You wanna date a runner?  Oh yeah? Try getting into an argument  2 miles into a 20-mile run.”
Running won't leave you on read for 12 hours btw
Jenna: “The average marathoner is 35, male, predominantly middle to upper class… I have 26.2 miles to chase  down a husband.”
Once you develop that "it is what it is" mentality a lot of things  stop bothering you
"What do you do for fun?" Me: I struggle
Remember you are someone's reason  to smile. Because your marathon PR is  a joke
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