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**ULTRARUNNING** Because 26.2 is for pussies....  In real sports you go until your  organs start shutting down
"Do you moan or cuss"  Depends what flavor the GU is but usually both
Does anyone else whisper "what the  fuck" to themselves at least 57 times in the first 2 miles or is it just me
I seriously don't think you understand  how much I fccking love running
When she says being on top is "too  hard" but you've seen her running  26.2 with ease
Walking into the track on a Tuesday and seeing only the dedicated
No one: Not a single soul:  Me on Instagram:  "Guess who's running Boston and  New York marathon four  weeks apart?!?"
unicorn medal: you want me me: I want you baby
Me lifting weights only after 5pm 'cause I know it's prime MILF hours
We all know a goofy fun person w/a horrible temper and anger issues
Why are people who run ultras still using a car
Tell me you're a runner without  telling me you are a runner
I was running intervals to improve my speed, but now I'm only doing it  to impress the lovely MILFs
3 Cupcakes equal 534 Cal or 5 miles... I could give up cupcakes, but I'm not  a quitter
Was gonna upload a selfie from  today's run but it's raining and I don't want y'all getting wet twice
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