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This is the first year I'm not running  Boston marathon because of Covid-19 Normally, I'm not running it  because I can't qualify
Not sure if I have a strong immune  system or just don't go to the gym  enough
Friend: I'm so happy it finally feels  like summer... Me after 0.2 miles: *I wish I could put  my titties in a ponytail*
Dudes be like:   "So sorry about your  race..... I'm always here if you need a shoulder to cry on" The shoulder:
When someone who smokes and drinks  tries to tell you to cut sugar from your  diet because it's "unhealthy"
Coach: "The warm up should be nice  and easy to help get blood moving  and up your heart rate" Me after every warm up:
Wow. Coronavirus is saving me from another DNF. Thank you
I workout because it's good for me.  Also, because I like to eat. A lot.
Therapist:  F*ck anyone who  doesn't like running    Me: Wow, that's a lot of sex
BREAKING NEWS   Dude sets up his own gym at home  and he still doesn't go
You know you’re a runner when... You finished 10 miles and you don’t brag to your friends because it’s not a big deal anymore
I wear workout clothes to dick appointments so my "walk of shame"  looks like an early morning run
No rich parents. No assistance.  No handouts. No favors. No excuses.  Straight hunger. Straight  ambition. Straight hustle.
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