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Roses are red violets are blue don't  make me choose between running  and you
Let's be honest, the fastest runner in the team is always RUDE AF......  and mean for literally no reason...
Lord if I'm ever chasing virtual races, realign me.
Outgrow your own bullshit.
I just opened a bottle of wine so if  anybody wants an argument, I'll be  ready to fight around 8:30PM PST
Anyone else feeling guilty for not  stretching but still not stretching lol
I'm never free, I just make time
If you're having a shitty week just  know it can get a lot worse...   A whole lot worse.
I don't even get disappointed  anymore when races are cancelled...    I just be like "aw again? Ok."
"you look tired today..." –yeah, i'm tired everyday, i just didn't  have the energy to hide it today
Me trying to solve my problems
Runners are a bit like dogs, really. We're all happy once we've: • had a run around • been fed • had a nap • had a good poo
I'm so happy with the people who are  in my life right now, and even happier with the ones who left
My days are backwards. I wake up  tired and go to bed wide awake
Be proud of how far you've come even  it's not where you thought you would be
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