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Me & my brf after the first "real" race
Learn to push through pain. Cause it  will hurt, and hurt, and hurt, and then one day... Boom!! Stress fracture.  Then you rest
"Miles make me happy" ...I deserved sex today but whatever
Why it's so quiet on here today? You mf outside aint ya
I didn't wear earrings during quarantine  and my holes closed up. I'm having an anxiety attack that my vagina is next
Finished my run.  And my stopwatch was off the whole time
Car naps on the way home from races  hit differently when you're  the one driving
I came, I saw, I din't have  a mask, so I left
im tryna ride for you, with you & on you
I have 2 moods:  1. Overtraining  2. Overeating
May the 4th be with you... cause Cinco de Mayo falls on taco Tuesday  & you will feel the revenge  of the 6th
Some of you are wholesome, genuine, loving, and kind and it f*cking shows. Never change, please
My dumbass is smiling at runners.  With my mask on.
"It's not for nothing guys. Head up,  head out, and train. Racing will be back,  but running never left"  Des Linden
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