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I don't know why other athletes bite  their medals, but I do know runners are hungry and we will eat anything
We don't know them all, but we owe them all
Don't come around my running group if you're sensitive. These mfs have  no filter
Lol I don't want your man, I just want  you to know I can end your relationship with one "I miss running with you" text
"How was your date?" "I played my own drinking game  where I took a drink every time she  mentioned canceled races.  I don't remember a lot."
occupation: runner AF
I wanna run an ultra - but also, yikes
Running shoes are not an apology!! Ima bend over tho
My eyes flirt more with running shoes than they do with men
Now I be like "oh shit I forgot my mask" like I'm Batman or something
Some guys have bigger boobs than  me but hey, I'm a distance runner
Don't blame the quarantine, chubbs. You were 25 lbs overweight before you were locked down with  a pallet of snacks
I'm thankful cars were invented....  Imagine waking your horse up at 2AM to go get some dick
Being a runner is mf expensive
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