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At this point, I feel like being tired is  just my personality
Ok QUESTION of the day: when leaving the house.... does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?
To the 12 people always liking  my posts, y'all want anything from  the gas station?
Me: wow this recovery run really  makes me appreciate the easy days  My mind: destroy him  Me: but–  My mind: I said f*cking destroy him
WARNING: I'm exercising, eating right  and watching my alcohol intake. Which  means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm  sore. So proceed with caution
Here's to the wild ones, the misfits, the rebels. To those who've stumbled, made  mistakes, danced on the edge, been too  loud or too quiet. To the ones who've  lost their way, been broken, burned, and bruised. I've been there. Find strengt...
Tattoo pain and PR gains is how we spending 2024
There are a lot of posts with people sharing how much they achieved in 2023. But in case someone needs to hear this, just making it to January 2024 is an achievement. It's okay if the only significant thing you did this year was get throu...
Not a single soul has said 2024 is gonna  be their year. Y'all finally learned your  lesson I see.
Pro tip: Seasoned runners don't need  to map their miles on Insta. They're too busy breaking in their next pair of shoes. Newbies, on the other hand, are GPS- checking their every step to brunch
You know you're a runner when you  consider 'frozen eyelids' a small price to  pay for catching the sunrise... or is it just  early onset hypothermia?
Somewhere out there, running and   training come up when couples argue
No matter how good you feel on your run... there will always be a mom pushing a stroller that's running  faster than you
My knee just cracked so loudly that  I half expect it to glow in the dark  tonight.
BREAKING: Runner Survives Bank  Failure Crisis By Not Having Any Money In The First Place
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