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I hate when I turn my car on after work and the music starts blasting... and I'm like "whooooah big fella I'm not  the same person I was in the morning after a 10 miler
30s may be the new 20s but 9pm is  the new midnight
My manager: Why is your entire IG  story videos of you running after you  told me you were too sick to get  up and work this morning? Me: .....
Goggins this Goggins that...  The power of batteries is real!! Nobody  outlasts the energizer bunny
mfs be surprised asf when you're pretty and single        Just wait..... You'll see why I'm single
Autocorrect just changed "morning run" to "morning rum"....  Change of plans, guys.
I don't really have a plan.... I rely solely on caffeine, running and wine to get me through the day
Me: It's beautiful outside... 68 degrees and sunny.... Nothing can ruin this run My knee: Hey. Hey you fucking idiot
My issue with stretching is you have to keep doing it
Might get a little crazy tonight and  start a movie after 8:30
Anyone else met someone at a  destination race and added them on Facebook and now you just  have been weirdly watching  their life unfold for years???
If it's one thing about me imma put  some medals on yo timeline
It only takes one slow-walking person to reinforce the illusion that I'm actually  Boston material
Was gonna upload a selfie from today's run but it's raining and I don't  want y'all getting wet twice
Them: OMG you're running Boston???  Me: ....... Them: Ewww virtual.....  Some people just drain the  fucking nice out of you
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