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Does anyone else whisper "what the  f*ck" to themselves at least 57 times  in the first two miles or is it just me
"I'm only here to close my rings."     –Eliud Kipchoge
"If you skip a run because it's too cold,  you're a lil bitch."           – Old Chinese Saying
I'm the kind of person who's 100%  down for spontaneous crazy long runs, but also 100% down to lay in bed all day
SEVERE COLD WEATHER WARNING  *** People are being told to stay inside unless going out is completely  *** Runners are being told  to wear a hat
And so ends another week without me becoming unexpectedly fast
Am I the only runner who has no  interest in running an ultra??
Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities
The fact that stretching & foam rolling  actually does make me a better runner  is offensive to me
"Can you can take a pic of us?" "Are you sure? You don't look good."
Currently enjoying four and a half  inches of fresh snow. Or as many men say, "about 7 inches"
My circle small but we're all funny
I suck at Christmas shopping. I be like "wow this is sooo cute......... for me"
No one: Me: do you want your present now?
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