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When I'm low on energy I like to go  on a run so, not only am I tired, I'm also sweaty and out of breath
DISTANCE RUNNING. Because with a  butt this good, who needs sexy feet
I'm glad I'm only competing with  myself because everyone else is  kicking my ass
Why isn't the answer to a running injury ever "Just keep running a lot; it will go away."
Friendly reminder that one run a day keeps the bullshit away
I started my new training program  today by shopping online for shoes.  Baby steps.
You can't outrun your problems but  you can jog slightly in front of them and pretend you can't hear them because  you have your headphones on
You know you're a runner when you  can say things like "I'm just running an  easy 6 miler today" and you  really mean it
I went to a book store and saw a book titled: "How to boost your running endurance by 50% in 4 weeks"  I bought 2.
Today I'm going  to pretend I ran; but really, I went  shopping for new running shoes
I wanna become a faster runner by  tomorrow F*CK
Grateful for all the friendships that running has given me
i'm all for saving money until it comes to running
I miss hating the summer heat.
I overthink. I overtrain. I overeat.
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