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not my best year, but at least I learned a lot.
Yeah running Boston is nice but has ur man ever sat you in his lap,  kept eye contact with you  and fingered you to tears? A concept
me passing someone:  u slow bitch  me being passed:  ok Mo Farah
One day you're young and the next  you're going for a 10 mile run just to get a lil mental health break
Running together is pretty high on my list of friendships. Different level of  intimacy
Remember when people use to party  til 4am and be at work by 7am?  Y'all still do that?
I wonder how often my neighbors look  at me and think "This bitch is crazy"
"That's fucked up." –Me trying to console    someone
Babe, guess what? The cut-off time for the 2022 Boston Marathon is  0 minutes, 0 seconds..... Almost as much time it  takes for you to finish
Holly shit!!! The 2022 Boston Marathon  "cut-off" time is 0 minutes, 0 seconds!!! LET'S DO ANAL!!!!!!!
Thanks to running I have no titties BUT MY ASS flat too goodnight
This year went by so fast I ain't even got to lose weight
You bitches too old to be flirting and not fucking
Ima be honest... I pay zero attention to gas prices. Tf ima do bout it... walk to practice?
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