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If you love her, buy her running shoes.        – Psalms 26:2
I love blocking people       you ain't boutta stress me out on MY PHONE.
I'm always weirdly proud when my  pee is clear...Like hell yea I'm so damn hydrated
yo I accidentally made my running  circle so small that it's only me
My girl loud af when we have sex  like relax babe this is the same  d*ck from last time
Stop saying I'm hard to shop for.  You know where the running store is.
Fool me once shame on you Fool me 54 times you got good dick Hashtag stayhard
I overthink. I overtrain. I overeat.
If ya boobs don't jump when you run, watch your tone with me lil man
I'm a vegan runner, I avoid meets
Day 4 with no running:  I've lost hearing in my right eye
You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.
One day you're a teenager and the next you realize you've been trying to get  into Western States for the  last 15 years
A teenager at the local track asked me if I was old enough to have "seen Usain Bolt winning the 200 m in real time"  now if anyone needs me I will be  quietly walking into the ocean
I haven't seen a post yet about  4/20 .....I keep forgetting y'all  on powder now...
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