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My two moods: 1. runners high 2. i’ll cut you
26.2 –3:12:13  BQx4...My superpower?? I do that lil GRIP thing        so be  careful with me
ULTRARUNNING When you need a little more "Fcck this shit" in your life
Women can always tell when you look at our boobs. It doesn't matter how  quickly you glance. One second is like  five seconds in boob time.
I don't know who needs to hear this but laughing makes your vagina tighter..... so maybe you should stop scrolling  past my posts, loosey-goosey
Tag the funniest runner in your life
Shoutout to everyone checking their  Strava or GarminConnect stats on  the company dime right now
Rare is the runner that loves every  run, rare is the run that doesn't  love you back anyway.
Double vaxxed, brazilian waxed,  and waiting on my income tax
Sorry for having great tits and correct opinions on everything.  As if it's my fault
Older man in New Balance 407 :  "Where's your mask, asshole."  Me in Alphafly Next% : "I'm  vaccinated, peasant."
Fuck runcations... At this point i need a maycation, i may come back and i may not
Not to be cocky, but I'm really the full package. My head is on straight,  priorities check, I'm smart,  independent, pretty, & my  heart is so genuine. Just a self appreciation post  because I get so busy  trying to improve, that I f...
Do you ever miss your own energy?  Like damn what happened to me
I got more trips planned than I got money.....but lord I trust you
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