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Sorry to interrupt your scrolling,  but did you run today? be honest...
A 12 min mile is JUST AS FAR as  a 6 min mile. Fuck everyone who makes  you feel like you're not good enough
Tag a person you want to thank  for tolerating you
Rule 1: FUCK WHAT THEY THINK Rule 2: see rule 1
At my age, I can send a text at 8:32 and be asleep at 8:32:19
you can't control how much people  hate you, but you can control how many medals you have compared to them
"Suck it, Ted Lasso, RUNNING is life!"     –Sir Mo Farah
if I get back into running it's over. i don't know what's over, but something is
Jenna: “It’s not a costume runner’s aim,  but I imagine it’s disheartening for a  normal runner to lose to a pizza slice  or a stack of pancakes.”
Not wearing black is kinda hard to do
You know you're a runner when...  you use the words 'only' 'merely' or 'just'  in the same sentence as the words 'run'  'miles' and 'hours'.
Running is a lot like fishing… a relaxing outdoor activity that’s good for the soul. Scratch that— running is  nothing like fishing.
You could sleep in on Sunday. Or,   u could drag your ass over 26.2 miles  just for a medal, t-shirt, and a beer....  Welcome to the insanity !!
Jenna: “The Wall’s not real. It's a self-imposed mental block… like menopause.”
*googles "How To Run with a Stress Fracture"
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