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Coffee is so confident.  It's just a wet bean, and it's like, "I'm worth $5.75 and you  need me, bitch."
When you're on the runningwarehouse website and your husband asks "do you really need that?" Do I really need you, Greg?
Most common thoughts during a run:  What in the actual fuck...? How in the actual fuck...? Why in the actual fuck...? During the last mile:  Fuck yeah baby!! That's  what I call a good run.   I can't wait for tomorrow!
"I used to hate running."     –every current runner everywhere
I don't know who needs to hear this  but laughing makes your vagina tighter.. so maybe you should stop scrolling past my posts loosey-goosey
One day you're young and carefree  and the next you apply a small piece of tape over each nipple before your run
Running a marathon is mostly  whispering "for fucks sake" every  time you see a mile marker
I like mine nasty & obsessed with  me sorry
Sundays are for long runs, true crime  and masturbation
I'm only photogenic when I'm taking my own pictures, Idk what everybody else be doing... tryna sabotage me
When you realize your only 2 hobbies include running and taking naps
Me seeing a personal trainer who needs a personal trainer
You can't cheat the grind. People shed blood, sweat and tears to make this  shit look easy.
You meet your first time marathoner  self.... you're allowed 3 words.  What do you say?
Mention someone who has always  been there for you in your ups and downs
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