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Shocking discovery, apparently one extra day off was not enough to fix my    achilles tendinitis?
Nachos are just tacos that don't have  their life together.
"I got fat" season is right around the  corner, stay woke people
Prayers needed... Nothing wrong, I just wanna hit the lotto and quit my job
I think the funniest thing of 2020 is  when we thought quarantine would last  2 weeks
Imagine you get murdered while out for  a run and some girl skips your episode of forensic files because it's boring
The fact that I have zero memory of  very large chunks of my race is scary lmao
"I have a dull pain around my kneecap"     WebMD: and it'll be your last
do u ever just wake up in the morning and ur like no
Me:  I want new running shoes Me:  anything for you princess
Who else took a 'Before' picture in the gym and still doesn't have an 'After' LOL
I may be a slow runner but I used to  be slower
do runners ever sit back and think "maybe i'm running too much"
How I look going out with the lead  runner at the start
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