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1% of the population will run a  marathon in their lifetime; it's their obligation to talk about it so the  remaining 99% will know  what they are missing.
Imagine they delete instagram and  BOOM!!! You're not a Model anymore
They won't say it but you motivate  them.
It gets dark early af now.. sneaky links  can start at 6 p.m. now
My two favorite things in life are going for a run and not going for a run
I don't run through injury – that would  be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the  injury exists. That's tooootally different
Me: *Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness* "I might not get on top, but ima  bend over"
Every man thinks every woman's dream  is to find the perfect man.......  Please. Every woman's dream  is to eat without getting fat !!
Snow in November happens because people decorate for Christmas  prematurely. You know who  you are. Stop it.
My mind still thinks I'm 25. My body thinks my mind is an idiot
if you're feeling down because u didn't PR yesterday just remember you are someone's reason to masturbate
Me trying to explain how I got into running: "I was initially planning on  being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my  soul instead."
Nobody:  Me: you not cold?
When she says being on top is "too  hard" but you've seen her running  26.2 miles with ease
Yeah running a marathon is hard... But have you ever overdosed on viagra??? Hardest day of my life
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