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You used my Squirrel's Nut Butter where?!?? Yeah you go ahead and  keep that
He's a 10 but he's a marathoner on the streets and a sprinter in the sheets
Petition to start parties at 5:45 so I can  be in bed by 8:30.... Marathon season is upon us !!
The first 2 miles don't count if you  have anxiety, they just turn you into a normal person
I have faced more peer pressure to run  a marathon than to do drugs
"Your marathon time could be a lot  better if you just ran faster"     –Sir Mo Farah
Smile if you made somebody run a race with you
I swear the happiest part of the day  is when I'm running
Me: wow this recovery run really makes me appreciate the easy days  My mind: destroy him  Me: but–  My mind: I said f*cking destroy him
When is too late to have a baby shower? Because my mom never had one when she was pregnant with me and I need some running gear
Friendly reminder that you are not the only one that must end your run on  a whole number
Long story short, I just want to be  sponsored by a shoe company
True or False: Most runners over 30 haven't run  when they were younger
"How many kudos do u get every day" On average, I'd say round about 0. But on a good day, a solid 0
She's a 10 but all she does is run
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