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Girls getting an attitude because they  haven't run is a real thing
20 things "back-of-the-pack" runners  should stop wearing during a race:   1-20: The weight of other  people's f*cking judgement  and expectation
Honestly blows my mind sometimes  how one can be so active but still have a meh body. Probably has to do with me justifying things like pizza  because I ran 10 miles  or something like that
the first race of 2020 basically said "But did you die tho?"
when u wake up to ZERO kudos and  realize your last run meant nothing  to anyone else
When you decline all social invitations on Friday nights because your long  runs are on Saturday mornings
ULTRARUNNING;  Puking on the most beautiful places on earth
Me before the run: ugh this  is gonna be a tough one Me during the run: ugh  this IS a tough one Me after the run: I'M A  MF BEAST WHO CAN  DO ANYTHING
You ever say to yourself "this is the worst shape I've ever been it" and then a year goes by and you like "No. This is the worst shape I've ever  been in" and then a year  goes by and...
Medical professional: I recommend six to eight weeks of rehab and rest RUNNER: *buys KT tape*
Don't let other people to ruin your  day. Ruin your own damn day
Isn't it cute that you literally tell  your running friend everything like  no embarrassment no shame nothing  hidden. That's a proper running friend.
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