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Due to coronavirus my summer body  will be postponed until 2021. Thank you for your understanding
When you find out your normal daily  lifestyle is called "quarantine"
I ran today. Wash your hands before  you Like my post.... I'm not taking any chances
The treadmill in the basement:  Me: "to see you,       to feel you,     it calms me it cures me"
No one: Absolutely no one: My Apple Watch: breathe mf, BREATHE
What a f*cking year this week has been
Cheap flights, work from home,  gas prices dropping y'all sure this  a crisis?
Not touching my face is going as well for me as not eating after 7 pm or  stretching after each run
Keep running. And make someone  smile every day. But never forget  that you are someone too.
These flight prices are wild, who  wanna go to Puerto Rico for a virtual  5k tomorrow?
Running makes you feel invincible.  Until that really fast lady pushing  a stroller passes you. On  the uphill.
What's with the obsession with calling food or recipes "better than sex"...  I tried your Pinterest risotto Sharon  and frankly I'm wondering  if your needs are  being met
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